Shyla's Rome

This is the third year in a row that The Denver Homeless Ministry has been able to take a homeless person to Rome. Our Lord chooses the person who goes, and through the generosity and love of others, He provides for everything that is needed. As always, we appreciate everyone who helps to make the trips possible. This year our ministry was especially blessed due to Catholic Travel Centre and all that they did to make our visit in Rome so special. 

Shyla was blessed to go to Rome this year in September of 2016. She has expressed that she didn't know why she was chosen to go, and that maybe it was so that her family could see Rome through her eyes as she posted photos and shared little live videos of her stay on facebook. What a beautiful way to think about it. The dhms brings Shyla to Rome, and Shyla, in turn, brings Rome home.

Likewise, we don't know why God chooses somebody, but we love to share their experiences with you so that you can see Rome through their eyes. We have even affectionately been calling this trip "Shyla's Rome" from the beginning of this journey.

When a person plants a tree seedling, that person will wait many years for, or perhaps will never sit under the shade of that tree. God's plans are bigger than we are. We can only see the blessed beginnings. And be hopeful and excited about what the future holds for each person who travels to Rome.

The dhms may never know why somebody who has been homeless will go to Rome and the long-term effect that it will have on his or her life. We know that our dear Lord wants us to be a part of whatever it is that He is doing in the lives of those He loves. That is what we do every day, just doing what He asks of us to do--a work of mercy on the streets in Denver, and sometimes through taking the homeless on a pilgrimage in Rome.

Watch for more posts about Shyla's trip to Rome coming soon.