Unbound Children Ministries asks for our prayers

The place is far away, but the distance does not keep these sisters of mercy far from our hearts. Here is an email that just came in recently describing what their area is going through and how they are helping people. The Denver Homeless Ministry is sharing this as a way to show our support and love. Please keep them in your prayers. If you wish to know more or to help with a donation for their ministry or to sponsor a child you can visit their website

Subject: Please Pray for us (Floods affected in AP State, INDIA)

My Very Dearest Sister Tanya,

By the Gods Grace, We are safe here; hope you are also safe there. The
recent rains have affected many districts quite badly - we are
suffering from severe flood situation. Particularly Andhra Pradesh and
in Telangana. Some of the city streets have resembled rivers since the
rain turned heavy on Wednesday. Traffic has found some of the roads
impassable and residents have had to wade through waists deep
floodwater in some areas. Hyderabad is not the only place to be hit.
Much of the neighbouring states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have
seen excessive amounts of rain.

Normally this region of India avoids the heaviest of the summer
monsoon rains. It is sheltered by the Western Ghats, a mountain range
that runs parallel to the west coast of India. However, this month has
been far wetter than usual in Hyderabad. In just two days of this
week, Wednesday and Thursday, They have shut down schools for three
days starting on Thursday and private companies were closed. Train
travel was also disrupted and people had to be airlifted to safety
from several low-lying areas. The rain is expected to continue across
Telangana and Andhra Pradesh over the next few days, which is likely
to cause further problems. Despite the excessive amount of rain seen
recently in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, as a whole, India has seen 4
percent less rain than average this year.

We are as UCM helping as volunteers to provide food, blankets and well
water organizing help for the affected families.  It is becoming hard
to even plan a complete relief operation. We will be continuing to
organize basic relief (food, clothing, water, and medicines), wherever
we are able to reach and where there is a need. Our aim is to provide
relief to emergencies as quickly as possible. This means that the
hundreds, thousands of people affected can receive immediate relief
and then rebuild their lives as soon as possible. Our volunteers got
people out of flooded areas and helped them get to safer areas.  We
immediately started collecting clothes and blankets.  In the camps, we
organized food for the night and provided people with blankets.  Since
there were lots of people in each relief camp, and blankets were in
great demand, we waited till everyone went to sleep and then we looked
for children and women, old Widows, who were without blankets and
covered them with the blankets. We pray Lord to induce your helping
hand in our selfless effort and urging you to help us to donate your
might for helping the Indian poor and needy people. Your prayers and
support are greatly appreciated.

Thanking You.

Your Sister in Christ
Sujatha Kolli