Tanya is assigned to serve the children in Kolkata

These are some of the updates from Tanya while in Kolkata under her assignment to serve the children....

Tanya asks: "how do moms do this EVERYDAY??? These tiny ones are exhausting!!! Can't help but fall in love with these babies! Today, I found many of the infants are deformed is slight and big ways. One little girl walked all over the place on her knees with the lower half of her legs trailing every which way. Twice a year, Dr's come and preform surgery when needed or deem its useful."

Then to the Mother house...all prayer requests delivered and will be prayed for by the sisters! 
Then to the orphanage... I actually held and played with a couple babies!!! So there!!! All baby gifts delivered, took 2 trips...thanks everyone for the donations...of course, I received the "glory" on your behalf Holy Protection!!! And gave it back to the Lord in adoration! 

My hotel is literally right next door to the Mother House and a 5 min walk to the orphanage.

For those of you who donated money for me to donate as I may see fit...much went to the orphanage, and to a load of Kleenex!!! Nobody has tissue, we are in the winter season with runny noses and this is so needed, or so I think! I bought an obscene amount of these packages! I'm sure people think I'm crazy but I have a runny nose. LOL

I've worked in all three of the kids homes (toddler, infant and handicapped), didn't go to the school, that's more long term.


It was hard to shake this little one loose...followed me everywhere!!

Telling us about working with the children, Tanya says: "They just want to be touched, held and loved!"