Laying Hands on the Broken Ones

One lady that I rubbed lotion on--drawing by Tanya Cangelosi

One lady that I rubbed lotion on--drawing by Tanya Cangelosi

Well here's a slight description and it's definitely not the fun you have working with kids. Although very rewarding and very amazing to think that the Lord can use you in somebody's last moments of life even if they don't realize you're there. This is really what Mother Teresa talks Jesus reaches out through us. Yes it's very hard not to say "why." And yet it makes you want to make sure you get a decent nursing home! The calendar said so far in January 2 were released, 2 were admitted and one died. This place is large with 3 to 4 hundred patients. Glad I don't have a Calendar like that at home!!!! 

One lady that I rubbed lotion on, although we don't speak the same language, she was able to tell me that she wanted her feet and her legs rubbed also. Her hands were so deformed it was hard to get lotion under the tiny fingers that she had and then when I rubbed her legs the sores and the scabs, it's something I've never seen before in my whole life let alone touched. To experience this just a little bit, gives me a whole new appreciation for what I have and how I have way too much!!!

Today I met two girls that have graduated from nurses college but they haven't taken their final exams yet and they did everything from cleaning, digging and dressing wounds. There was a nurse that came in to set an IV but generally they don't get that. As hard as it is, these women are allowed to die with dignity and they are given dignity not only by the volunteers but all the sisters and the paid working staff. It's an amount of love that's incredible!

A rough idea of, as I now remember her, my egg lady...those aren't pika dots, they are massive deep sores!

(written by Tanya on January 24, 2017)