Why not give something life-changing this Lent

After much, seriously, much prayer, the Lord laid this young lady on my heart AGAIN.



Nina's Story

Hello they call me nina. I started off as an awkward kid. Family oriented, born in an apartment, raised by my pop and grandmother in Colorado. They were pretty alright. I guess I started couch surfing as a teenager, started experimenting with drugs, in and out of jail. I eventually became homeless on the streets of denver; all the while, being oppressed by man. Out of this though, I experienced a freedom like none other. Being free from materialism, you learn how important friendship and love is. I also found passions in art and skating and found supportive and encouraging communities, people who cared and didnt see class but equality and that is a blessing.

These days I am trying to get off the streets, get a job and do better. I'd really love to travel; see the world, so this opportunity is amazing and I am incredibly grateful. I am now 23 years old. One day I'd also like to go to art school and have a family my very own.

Now it's time to raise the funds to make this trip happen. I thank you in advance for your generosity, every year I'm more amazed at how the Lord brings these trips together and even more amazed how every life has changed. Not one of the people we have taken to Rome have returned to the streets, they are all a functioning part of society, with apartments, jobs, and custody of their children. I know the Lord is behind this and He will continue to make it happen if it's His will. And I will continue to stand and awe!

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