How The Denver Homeless Ministry uses donations


My name is Tanya Cangelosi, I am the founder of the Denver Homeless Ministry, DHMs, and it has come to my attention that there are many who think the only thing the DHMs do, is take homeless to Rome. I've been told that this money could be used in other ways, I'm here to tell you that it cannot be used in any other way then what it was donated for. These funds were donated solely for the purpose of taking a homeless to Rome. Yes I had a dream almost 7 years ago to take a homeless to Rome and this year will be our sixth year. I personally raised the funds for these trips.

This is totally separate from the daily weekly and monthly things that the Denver Homeless Ministry does. All other funds raised, go into the Denver Homeless Ministry account and it is there to meet many needs of those on the streets. We have helped with rent, household items for those who have gotten off the streets, bus tickets, food, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, winter coats, hot hands, and the list goes on.

It does not go to any individual who are a part of the DHMs, all the money that comes in, goes back out. No one takes a salary, we are all volunteers. The DHMs are committed to street ministry. They take out survival kits and walk the streets getting to know individuals who are in need. They spend time talking and distributing items.

In the past the DHMs, held Christmas banquets, Thanksgiving, serving over 250 people, 48 hours events, homeless youth are able to get off the streets for showers, food, games, a warm safe place to sleep. We've held masquerade balls, Valentine's Day dances, prom nights, activities where young adults from the community join us and nobody knows who's who. It gave our homeless friends a chance to dress up, to experience what everyone else is doing without judgement.

I hope this clears up some misconceptions and judgments that have come up. Thank you for all your help and encouragement!