Here's the story of dhm and it's unsung history

Let's share some of our past stories! While this isn't exactly an archive page, it can be thought of that way. But the fact is, much of what this little homeless ministry non-profit has been doing hasn't even been shared out there in the world yet. So let's get some of the great things the dhms is doing out there so people know more of what the Denver Homeless Ministry is all about.


A few things were posted on our blog on our old website. Those events will be re-posted here. Some of dhms activities have been shared on facebook, and those will be shared here for you, too. No promises, but we'll try to keep them pretty much in a time-line order. If we come upon something we missed, we'll add it, though out of order. It would be great to add anything if you happen to have photos and want to share your experiences with us. We'll be happy to post about your time spent with us as we do outreach for the homeless in Denver. Just connect with us and send it our way.

For a little ministry the dhms really does a lot. On the first Saturday of the month, we have Picnic in the Park. We meet up at Skyline 2 and share our time, food, and love with the homeless in Denver. We walk the Mall and reach out to people.

There are also things that Tanya does on her own regularly, like passing out snack packs outside at the Cathedral downtown. And there are wonderful ministry groups that we partner with and work side-by-side with in serving others who are in need of our help, like Mercy Ministry.

By the way, you can find contact information about groups we partner with, and services and other resources here in Denver on our Resource page. There are other groups and ministries and resources that we support, though they are outside of the Denver area, that we list, too, as you may be interested in assisting them. We all love and need and appreciate volunteers!