I'm So excited, I'm going to Rome! Glitterbear is my "street" name, Tanya asked me to write my story so you knew who you were helping through your prayers and financial giving. Thank you for caring.

Brief Summary of My Life: "My real name is Clarissa and I'm 32 years old. Growing up my mother was a verbal abusive drunk. At two years old my innocence was violated until the age four. I was taken away from my mother for three years. When I was returned to my home I finished school. Right out of high school I got into a relationship that landed me on the streets. Three years into this relationship I became pregnant and had two beautiful children. For thirteen years I was abused physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally. I finally got out of the relationship, my mother took my kids in to live with her and I've lived on the streets since. I visit my children often. A year and a half ago I met a wonderful man who has shown me what love really means. I am now progressing and regaining my self confidence through the help of a women's shelter. My goals are having a stable job, a stable home and raising my children to succeed in their lives."