Who's going to Rome next? Tree's story:

I want to introduce you to the gentleman we are raising funds to take to Rome March of 2015.

"Its me tree well my real name is Derrick Yearout and this is my story."

"The reason I would like to go to Rome? It's a once in a lifetime thing for me to do, I would love to see what its like there. It might make a difference in my life, I don't know."

"It's long, it started back in the year 1970 my mom and dad we're both in Pueblo Psychiatric Hospital. My dad and mom were in love and security wasn't that tight needless to say my dad and mom had sex and that's how I came to world! My mom tried to abort me but the Doctor would not do it, so I was given up to social services for foster care. I knew my dad but only for a few years and he beat me the whole time and used me, it was just a painful experience. I acted up in afoster care and I was put in Fort Logan State Hospital, the kid uint, C1, it was like hell, I was 5 years old. I stayed there until I was 7 years old. Then they moved me to C4 and that was the first time I ran away. I got picked up right away then they put me in a lock down uint till I was 10. I was then moved to CCH aka Colorado Christian Home till I was 14, that was the first time I came downtown on the run from the group home. I found it was safer with the street kids. They taught my how to live and they were more like the family I never had. I was pan handling and just trying to stay with the "family" but I was only 14, needless to say I was in and out of the group home until I was 18 and that was when I moved to the streets full time. Urban Peak, local group home, was still on Logan Street at that time, it was not bigger then my little bed room at the ymca, lol. I joined the Gutterpunks (street family) as a full member, and moved up the ranks quick by doing the only thing I could do and that was steal food from the stores to feed myself and my street family. I'm not going to lie, it's been a hard life. I never got to go to school never got to have a real chance in life. I've been doing what I have been doing for so long as it's the only thing I know how or what to do. It feels to late in my life to change so I'll still take care of the kids out here on the streets, just as I did all my life!"

Any questions, please call Tanya Cangelosi.